Commissioned project


Social media currently make up the planet´s largest communities. Not only has this phenomena of high audience concentration attracted the attention of political leaders, their presence in social media has become crucial.  Historically, the “art” of representation and its means of communication have been exclusively at the service of power, its norms eventually becoming canons of representation. But in the context of the Internet and social media in contemporary Spain, a double historical anomaly has taken place; Politicians are stepping in only after social media platforms have been occupied by the masses, and as they do so, they adopt popularized forms of representation.  Cyberocracy is an experimental art project that, through prospection, studies high ranking political figures in Spain in order to indentify the strategies they use to construct their visual identities.

  • Publication. Texts by Joan Fontcuberta and Jorge Luis Marzo. Design: Eudald Van Der Pla. Produced by Rocaumbert F.A